This was kitbashed out of a Heroclix mini by WizKids. A great low-cost alternative to retail.
Sandman Kitbash by Steve Dean


As Knight Models have discontinued their line of Marvel miniatures, it is now up to us (the fans) to foster the future of the game.  As we cannot guarantee someone can walk into their FLGS and buy the newest Marvel release, the next best thing (and in some cases an even better alternative) will be to just make the models our damn selves. 

There have been many beautiful kitbashes of Marvel miniatures already, and with custom cards, we're going to need to make a whole lot more. This is why we're going to promote our kitbashing community to the best of our ability.  Hosting articles, how-to's, and examples should allow us to get someone on the road with a new team to battle it out in the Marvel Universe Miniature Game. 

Advantages to Kitbashing:

  • Personalization - No two models will be exactly the same, and it will be personalized just for you.
  • Low Cost - Kitbashes like Sandman over here make the game incredibly affordable while still looking great.
  • Laziness - Wait, what? Some models may not need to be painted, so if you're more of a gamer, you may not have to paint anything at all.