Desperate Conflicts in a Desolate Future

Have you ever wished you could play a tabletop game in the Fallout universe but don't want to get bogged down with an excessive amount of rules, or setup?  Maybe you just want to throw down a quick and dirty battle with a buddy over a beer and don't REALLY want to break out all 40,000 models. Perhaps a game with a bit more pulp city style quirk, humor and death rays?

Welcome to Wasteman. This game was admirably brought to us by a lone man, Jason Fairclough. He single handedly designed the rules, the sculpts, and continues crafting models at an inhuman pace. 


So Why Play Wasteman?

  • Ever want to atomize an enemy with a ray gun?
  • Perhaps mutated freaks are your jam? (no judgement here)
  • Maybe you just wanted to become a warlord of a nation is a space suit?
  • How about great models, fun rules, all without it being too rough on the pocketbook? 
  • Maybe you want to be involved in the awesome community being built here?
  • Or maybe you just want to support the little guy in his passion project?

    This is a game that I (WSUJ Steve) personally backed on Kickstarter to help a man realize a dream.  It's so far gone under the radar but I'd like to change that as I really enjoy the models, the fluff, the quirkiness, and the game.  But, to do that I need to help grow the community a little bit, bring a bit of awareness to the rest of you.

Alright, Where Can I Get This?

Well, to start with, you're going to need the rulebook and M.A.D cards.  Beyond that, you'll want a posse pack or two and you'll be good to begin your battles in the wasteland. One of the really awesome features about Wasteman is that you can use any model with any possee or faction with the exception of the leaders.  So, if you acquired a couple of posse packs, you could play with a friend, and then when they decide to get their own damn models, you've already got an even larger force to crush them with!

Click on the images below for Jason's store where you can pick up the rules, or the beginnings of your very own posse.

Get The Rules and M.A.D. Cards
Get A Posse Pack or Several Here