Kabal of the Future Sun: Raider Flag

(Dark Eldar/Drukhari Army for Warhammer 40k)

In this tutorial I'm going to document how I completed my raider flags.  For my army, I really liked the idea of the black flag, white emblem which is meant to be remenicient of pirates.  Being that Dark Eldar/Drukhari really do represent space pirates in both creed and their tactics, I really wanted to represent that on the table. 


Step 1: Base Coat 

Using a darker grey (Warcolours Cool Grey 3) I covered the inner parts of the flag.  As I have a three stage tint on the other parts of the flag I needed to be pretty careful about not covering up those areas.  I also wanted to leave a bit of a gradient around the outside portions of the flag because I felt like an aethersail would only show signs of colour when in use, and I wanted to give the idea that the hexmesh pattern isn't always present.

Step 2: Highlight Layer

I used Warcolours Cool Grey 1 to highlight up the orignal layer of Cool Grey 3.  I don't want to go too bright because I know that my flag emblem is going to be white. 

Again, we're running with the pirate flag idea so we want to simulate a black flag, white emblem, even if we're using greys.

Step 3: Selecting The Template

The Hex-Mesh stencil from Fallout Hobbies actually comes with three different sized hex patterns.

I used the medium sized pattern because I thought it was a good balance between the width of the outline of the pattern, and the pattern itself.

Step 4: Placing The Template

The vinyl stencil has one tacky side, it sticks well, but didn't rip any paint off when removing it (as I had to place it a couple of times). 

I aligned the stencil with the bottom portion of the flag so that it would be as straight as possible.

Step 5: Coverage

I used Vallejo's Game Colour Black to cover the flag once again. I tried (and to an extent failed) to avoid my pattern on the flag but I made sure the coverage was solid and even. 

Step 6: Removing the Stencil

Here I gently removed the stencil (after making sure the paint was fully dry).  There is a case to be made for waiting 24 hours, I didn't follow this. I just pulled it off after it was dry to the touch. 

It seems to have worked pretty well!  If you want to re-do the darkened area around the flag boarder this would be the time.

Step 7: Second Template

Another stencil purchased from Fallout Hobbies, the Evil Elven Tribal stencil.  The smallest stencils here are still quite a lot larger than I thought they'd be. 

There are several different designs you can use for this stage, so select whichever you find is the most pleasing.

Step 8: Placing the Stencil

This one was a bit trickier trying to place as the surface area is limited, and it's a bit of a weird shape.  So, you may need to place and re-place the stencil a couple of times to get it just right. 

The nice thing is that the stencil is very easy to wrap around odd surfaces, so once you find a quality placement, making it even is easy.

Step 9: Colouring/Stencil Removal

Here we just sprayed on Warcolours One Coat White. Any white could be used, but it's pretty straight forward.  Again, we wait until the paint is totally dry before we remove the stencil. 

We're done with this now and can continue painting the rest of the model, or we can seal with dullcoat.